Henar Bengale.

May 2020

LUNA NUEVA is Barcelona-based photographer Henar Bengale latest project. She and actress Katrin Vankova met two years ago on a New Moon night and trusted their intuition creating together a spiritual and galactic photo story. Today, in New Moon again, this project gets born. 

Using digital photography combined with the help of some digital programs is my way of fully expressing what I really feel. I constantly have the need and urge to capture the energy of the atmosphere and trace the aura of the people that transmit me good feelings. That’s why when I have the opportunity of having them in front of me, I always go with the flow with the connections that get established between my eyes (guided by my heart) and their gestures. Everyone’s reality has different shapes and this is my way of expressing mine. 

The finishing analog touch that I give to my photos is not casual at all. I’ve always felt attracted to film photography, specially because of the picture noise and the feeling of not knowing how the photo is going to be, If you have put your whole attention while shooting or even if you have left your finger on the lens covering part or the whole picture. 

From Henar Bengale:

My first shot was with a Pentax P30n, capturing my parents in a parc. I perfectly remember the feeling I had when I looked through the viewfinder and discovered the distortion it made. I just thought it was amazing.

These pictures were taken on December 2018, during a New Moon night. It wasn’t planned, Katrin Vankova and I just decided to meet after not seeing each other and even texting for a long time, and we just ended up creating together. I think between her and I has always existed like a big entrance gate, a gate that has always connected both of us no matter where we are. I have the feeling that these pictures, finally published several moons later, close a cycle that we will understand in the future, then, we will remember these weird years and we will be able to analyze them with perspective. 

I also feel I have to mention a special influence I have received from my sister Elena for these photos. It seems that during the recovery and the retouch process of the session, she has been watching for the first time the Star Wars saga. It’s amazing how I without knowing, and also without ever watching the movies, had a clear galactic and futuristic influence. Do you believe in telepathy?

Henar Bengale

When I create with Henar, I feel limitless. I think she is the only person with who I can feel hundred percent myself in front of a camera. I feel free, I feel no judged, I feel inspired, because I feel we are a team. I give, she gives, I receive, she receives. It’s something really magical and special for me. It just happens with her, and it’s amazing because that allows us to just go with the flow. We usually don’t plan anything, or if we do, we just have some dirty ideas in our minds and we don’t get stressed on concreting something because we both know that our ingredients will allow us to cook a good arty piece.

From Katrin Vankova:

What I enjoy the most is that we create without any ambition more than our passion about what we do. And I think that has been the ingredient for our friendship since I first met her after arriving to Spain from Bulgaria at the age of five and being ready to experiment my new live in a foreign country, with foreign people and a bunch of infinite new inputs.

I just remember me and her playing all day with a digital camera, creating our own amazing worlds which I miss so much. I sometimes wish technology has not developed that much, and kids from nowadays could be able to play creating their own imaginary worlds without being so stucked in their smartphones. But I guess if this has not happened, we wouldn’t be here sharing in this space, so we really need to appreciate the good from everything we have.


And yes Henar, I really believe in telepathy. Nothing happens for a reason, we are all connected. You just have to be opened to receive. I haven’t experimented telepathy so hard with anyone but you.


Today is a New Moon, a moment to think, to appreciate, to feel and to begin new paths. It’s beautiful to consecrate this moment with these pictures taken on a night like today, two years ago.

Katrin Vankova

"I have the feeling that these pictures, finally published several moons later, close a cycle that we will understand in the future".