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April 2020

Photographer Arnald Cano from Barcelona and actress Katrin Vankova meet to create together and exchange their own thoughts about real happiness.




When the energy flows and magic happens, that’s everything for me.

When I don’t feel connected, starting from myself, I feel I’m not happy. Happiness is so surreal. Our daily thoughts and feelings are so depending on the infinite inputs that we receive. And in the end, you realise that most of them are so unreal, so disconnected from reality. And then you think...I’ve been following my goals and working hard and putting so much pressure on myself to achieve something that I think is going to make me happy...and then when you get it, I ask myself, “Why are you not feeling excited about it? Why don’t you feel the energy inside of you?” And then I realise that every moment people are losing the values that make us human. 

There is a huge need to become somebody, to be seen, to be liked, 

and in this profession of acting a big part is of course exposure, that if you choose it, you have to know how to deal with it. And I think this is a really wasted opportunity. We could change minds, we could give a voice to mature our culture and our society, but instead of that, we constantly feed our egos. And that’s never enough. It’s so scary, because it’s so difficult to feel completely free to find a way of expressing yourself; to express your point of view. And to create: just to create what you feel, what you see, right now - in the moment - without thinking who is going to see it, who is going to like it... Or even thinking about second parts. I miss honesty. We are destroying our purity and roots. Meeting honest and authentic people makes me happy. Being able to create freely makes me happy. And that’s what we did, me and Arnald. We just met at home. We trusted each other’s intuition and we shared the feeling of the present moment, me giving him my essence, and he capturing it through his talent.


Do what you really want to do and leave all that is no longer relevant or doesn’t help you grow.

It's all about happiness, isn't it?

If not, what’s the point?

I’ve been trying to follow this thought for a few years, and even if sometimes it's difficult, this idea has helped me realize my dreams. But they are not about wealth or social recognition. Dreams of personal and artistic development.

Through my images I don’t try to show reality any more than what my heart interprets.

Everyone has their own reality and interprets it as they want and feel.

There is no truth, there is no certainty.

But there is a chance to share our perceptions and to understand others’ realities. Like how I experimented with Katrin, because we didn’t know each other, but without a logical explanation, we spent a beautiful morning sharing our feelings and ideas.

So, actually, when you make a connection with someone else even if you don’t know her/him, you can experiment and understand more than you would have by yourself.


Hope you get inspired by us and we make you happy the same way we were by doing these pics :)


By Henar Bengale

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