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Vinca Petersen. 

The magic and the real essence of the Rave Scene, the need of having joy in our life and using art as medicine is what Vinca Petersen shares with us with this interview and her photography. 

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Arnald Cano.

Photographer Arnald Cano from Barcelona and actress Katrin Vankova meet to create together and exchange their own thoughts about real happiness.

Mònica Pallí. 

Barcelona-based photographer Mònica Pallí sents us a message reflecting her essence and connection with photography. 

Maria Jou Sol.

BLANCO is  an intimate photography look into the final trajectory of Barcelona-based photographer Maria Jou Sol's grandmother. Delicate captures of life, love and peace. 

Henar Bengale.

Luna Nueva, Henar Bengale's latest project, is a recovery of an artistic and galactic meeting between her and actress Katrin Vankova, two years ago, during a New Moon night like tonight.

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Lluís Tudela. 

Through an SMS that his essence would send us, we can discover a little bit more the art of Barcelona-based photographer Lluís Tudela.

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