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DUTY - Premiere.

September 2020

Presenting the new collaboration of EL FILM MAGAZINE with the new lyric video of DUTY by The Death of Robert. 

Art work by Uri Llobet, @fal_co_ne_ra

Mistery, sensuality and nostalgia are the ingredients of the new story told for DUTY, the song that made us fall in love with Barcelona-based pop-rock vintage group The Death of Robert. EL FILM MAGAZINE presents the new collaboration with the lyric video of the song. We wanted to create an oneiric visual story out of context, just images that could transmit the feeling of the lyrics sang by the sensual voice of Lara, the singer of the group. Sometimes we are unconsciously condemned to live under the rules that society has put on us, and the difficulty of just being ourselves creates a pain that make us feel drowned. DUTY is led by the movements of Katrin Vankova who reincarnates the feeling of the song. Henar Bengale has captured these movements with the camera and Voyeuristics has built the story with the edit. 



The new lyric video of DUTY is a visual journey to our hidden dark places in a delicate and sensual way. We hope you enjoy it the same way we did creating it.

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