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July 2020

Electronic vibe, shoegaze, loops and synthesizer. Releasing of their new shortfilm THE WIND PALACE. Making the music you like. Not being trandy. Trip, saudade, darkness and playing over the moon's surface. Meet AGOST.

Photo by Marta Ballesta

How does the group get born and why Agost? 


Agost began as a group of different people who were playing in the same artist’s band. The name makes reference to a village in Alicante. The reason why we chose this name is described in our first EP song entitled “Agost”.

"It's not easy to make a song from an idea, especially when those ideas can be just weird noises".

Your music is a whole unique world including electronic vibe, shoegaze, loops, and synthesizer. How do you manage to deal with all these pieces to create a final one englobing each musician’s feelings and ideas?



It is not easy to make a song from an idea, especially when those ideas can be just weird noises, such as a log cracking or a bicycle brake stopping a wet weel. In the end, we just sometimes use one of these sounds to build an entire song among it, or just maybe the combination of all of them makes the main riff, rhythm, or leitmotif.

"Starting from the introspection each of their interior world, passing through their inspiration and experimentation, to finally reach the last step, where ideas materialize".

Tell us about your new short film The Wind Palace. The combination of the place where you shot it and the whole atmosphere you create with your music is a whole journey into a completely different dimension.  


Thanks for your kind words!


The Wind Palace is an audiovisual piece told in three parts, that evokes and explains all the elements the band has used to create and inspire the new songs: the sea, the sunset, and, of course, the wind and all the respective anemic changes these elements provoke. Just like a video-diary, The Wind Palace includes the new two tracks and an added un-released song, Zonda, created during the quarantine, the track reflects on the importance of being present.


The unrolling of the videos three landscapes wishes to metaphorically represent the band's creative process: starting from the introspection of each of their interior world, passing through their inspiration and experimentation, to finally reach the last step, where ideas materialize.


You recently released your new EP Tramuntana, named as the wind, which will be part of a whole bigger piece known as The Wind Palace. Could you share with us the power and the meaning of the wind for you, what is the message you are trying to create through the combination of it with your music?


Moving to Llucalcari meant a lot of things to us. One of them was experiencing the power of wind, both in nature as a physical phenomenon, and, as tradition tells, in people’s behavior. Tramuntana is about how this wind, metaphorically speaking as well, moves everything on its path. Shaking everything, sometimes violently, brings an aftermath calm that we understand as a new beginning.

If your music would be a taste, which one would it be?




"Agost never looks at what's trendy".


What different things will Agost bring to the music industry? 


Agost never looks at what’s trendy. It is easy to go with the flow. We know this can have a negative impact on us since it makes it harder to get to the audience, but we always make and play the music we want to. We’ve been told to be atemporal, implying what’s good and bad from it.


Photo by Marta Ballesta

It’s really interesting the format of the music you are creating. Individual pieces being part of bigger ones, with an individual length, just expressing what it is. Do you think it’s complicated to be faithful to different ways of creating in a society with so many inputs and established patterns? 


We try to be faithful to what we like. We kinda connected to some artists that we like and who participated in Agost’s world somehow, creating astonishing stuff to help this project to be more complete. For instance, Dedociego (Ana Gale and Joaquin Urbina) and Tles (Javier Tles) who are responsible for Agost’s visual identity. We got quite far being ourselves, and that’s the best thing an artist can experience.


What is your current state of mind as a group?  


We are working on new tunes and a new show. We’re looking forward to going beyond previous shows, and try to perform in a big venue or gig in a festival. Our show is to be enjoyed at night and with a massive sound system.


"Trip / Saudade / Darkness"


What would be your biggest achievement as artists?


To transform people’s views over music: art over product.


How would you describe what is inspiration for you?

It is the spark that fires a song. 


The weirdest dreamy place you would do a concert in?

At the moon’s surface.


If you could describe Agost as a group and music in three words, which ones would they be? 


Trip / Saudade / Darkness


Interview by Katrin Vankova

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