Rainy Picnic.

April 2020

The hand-stamped clothing brand which breaks with the idealization of our lives, helping collect funds for COVID-19 medical research

Life Expectations





It’s easier for people to show the good and amazing things that happen to their lives, rarely you can see somebody sharing their sadness, misery or worries. Rainy Picnic wants to break with that. The values of this hand-crafted clothing brand created by Alex Fillat in Barcelona come from the urge to break with the idealization of our lives. 

The messages you can find on the clothes dare to give space to the sadness of life after realising it’s a lot more complicated and hard than what you were promised when you were a kid. The designs that Rainy Picnic offer give power to our own pathos. 

“We were promised that we could achieve anything in life, we idealized our professional careers, as well as romantic love and the idea of success. We now realize that this beautiful world does not exist anymore and that we were left in this Rainy Picnic. 


Let's call things by their name and enjoy life the way we want, we are all going to die”.

Organic fabrics only

Fair trade

Due to the global situation with the COVID-19, Rainy Picnic wants to collaborate with the movement #yomecorono initiated by the University Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol from Badalona (Spain), LUCHA Foundation against AIDS and the AIDS’ Investigation Insitute IrsiCaixa. The goal of this movement is to develop the right medical solution for the virus. Alex Fillat has created the new collection THANK YOU 2020 for the cause and with every RAINY PICNIC order, 5€ will be donated for the movement. 

Let’s support our home brands and all the people that are fighting every day for saving people’s life.