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Lewis Cooke.

We chat to dancer, teacher and content creator Lewis Cooke. Movement methodology RelaxtoErupt, his life as a dancer and teacher and how he has developed a series called ‘Movement is Medicine’.

Gina Baldé. 

"The fight against racism must be constant in all areas of your life and with all the people with whom you interact. Otherwise, it makes no sense". 

Chalamet in art.

The unique and genius Instagram account @chalametinart shows us how Timothée Chalamet's face would look like into classical paintings. A real visual pleasure for you.

Rosa Tharrats.

Multidisciplinary artist Rosa Tharrats gives us a different perspective of expressing freedom and changes our visions by using and combining all kind of materials.

Antonella Tignanelli.

Food conceptualist, photographer and traveller Antonella Tignanelli shares with us her process of discovering her passion, meaningful journeys and the greatness of bread in times of distress.

Turning Orange.

We had a chat with illustrator and actor from London, Tessie Orange-Turner, about her journey as an artist, what inspires her, the power of women in art and what she would love to see more in the world. 


Barcelona-based artist "ferr-w" shows us the possibility of creating dimensions and different inner people's worlds through digital painting.


Artist Clàudia Torrents from Barcelona talks us through the process of moulding jewelry and graphic arts into one, her inspirations and which pieces of jewelry look good on anyone.


"476 GRAMS" is Zinteta's new artivist project. She shows with honesty, freedom and strenght a recognition of the fat phobic society we live in. Zinteta's liberating art is a way of accepting who we really are. 

Sylvia Baldeva.

Reflection of the inspirations of French- Bulgarian artist and illustrator Sylvia Baldeva. Her professional career and a different way of expressing human's soul through paint. 

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