Gina Baldé.

June 2020

"The fight against racism must be constant in all areas of your life and with all the people with whom you interact. Otherwise, it makes no sense".

African artist Gina Baldé's night reflection published on her Instagram account on June 3rd.

Honestly, I certainly feel overwhelmed by the way the whole issue of G. Floyd’s murder is going viral. I have a lot to say and little energy to express myself so I will do it in the best way I can.


I am surprisingly “happy” (so to speak) at the collective response of outrage that Floyd’s murder has received as well as the strength that is being given to the BLM movement, the thousands of voices that they have come out in denunciation of police brutality and racist violence; but I want to remind you (and I’m addressing white people directly) that the BLM movement as well as the anti-racist struggle goes far beyond following the fashion of posting a black square with a hashtag because “it’s cool, it’s what now it’s worn out, ”and it goes well with Instagram’s aesthetic. Do you really care about really fighting for the lives of black people or are you more interested in not being criticized for not commenting on the issue? Who are you out of the nets ?, Do you apply everything you are proclaiming these days by RRSS in real life or simply this is a theater you have set up to alleviate “white guilt”, cleansing your conscience and self-deception that you are good allies? Why do you care about racism, the black people around you, and tragedies like these only when they go viral?

I’m also really shocked to see that a lot of people is giving thanks to influencers, corporations and big brands for ‘standing up’ with the black community. And my question is.. why I should be giving thanks to all these people to see black people like a human being with its own rights? Have we gone crazy ??

Majority of all these brands don’t give a fuck about BLM and the antiracist fight. They just care about not being criticized, having a good image and keeping on on what is cool and honestly, I’m done wit all this circus.

The fight against racism must continue for the next 365 days of the year 7 days a week 24 hours a day. The fight against racism is to be aware of the enormous privilege with which you operate in your day to day life. The anti-racist struggle is to realize that white supremacy is so internalized in you, in the system, and in all existing structures, that you are not even aware of how it influences you or how far its power reaches. The fight against racism must be constant in all areas of your life and with all the people with whom you interact. Otherwise, it makes no sense.

I’m really looking forward to see how all these people will take part when all this is no longer new, when #blackouttuesday is no longer a trend and when everyone has forgotten about it. This move is useless if there is no real change. If there are no real actions. If you do not review your privileges. If you don’t check your racism. If you don’t educate, read, and inform yourself. If you don’t criticize and denounce racist acts when you see them in your day to day life. If you do not listen to the voices of oppressed bodies. If you do not deconstruct yourself as an allie in this struggle and if you do not accompany (in the background) the protagonists of this movement.

Don't expect, (much less demand) that black / racialized people have to educate you and do the deconstruction work for you. This is not your job but YOURS. In case you want to receive the pedagogy of someone who suffers from racism in their own skin, pay them for their time, energy and mental and emotional wear and tear of educating a white person on this subject, which is not little.

I also want to remind you of the importance of investing resources in small businesses and those run by black and non-white people, providing financial support as much as possible such as with resistance boxes. You can find a lot of information in the highlight of @beniansi and books and knowledge in @united_minds_vlc so to start.

And I want to mention once again that racism, and police violence in Spain continues to CONSTANTLY kill and torture racialized and migrant people.

This is not an isolated fact of America. Here, very close to our country, racist aggressions have been going on for too many years. We continue to be systematically murdered year after year with the CÍES, the deaths in the Mediterranean, migration policies or the Melilla fence. Slave roles continue to be maintained with cases such as the workers of Huelva, the temporary workers of Lleida or the manters on our beloved Rambla de Barcelona. We still remember names like Mame Mbaye, Lucrecia Pérez, Idrissa Diallo or Manuel Fernandez just to name a few.

From anti-racist / afro groups we are really exhausted from denouncing these abuses for so many years with impunity in response. They are not viral, but many of these murders are happening EVERY DAY here nearby. Just because we don’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I think it’s time to start open our eyes and do a little historical memory to see that the country we live in is not free of blood for racist crimes.

And finally, to all my Black people, my friends, my familly, and my love, I embrace you from distance. I share your anger, your resentment, your frustration and your sadness and I just want to tell you that I am here to listen, to speak or to cry if that is what you need. Take good care of yourself, physically, emotionally and psychologically.

You don’t have to give explanations of anything to anyone if you don’t feel empowered to do so. Invest your time to protect your mental health, and your energy above all, which considering the times we are running through is the hardest part. Spend your energy on things that make you feel good and cheer you up. Consume the RRSS in the healthiest and most conscious way possible and remember the importance of putting limits on the information you can digest and the answers you want to give about the way you decide to expose yourself to what is happening. Keeping quiet or deciding not to protest are also acts of self-love. I encourage you to connect with your people, seek the emotional support you need, and create safe spaces for yourself.

Surround yourself with people you can trust because now, more than ever, is the time to be together, nurture, and heal each other. It is clear that if we do not do it no one will.