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Kiala Kanzi.

Eclectic human and all-round creative force, Kiala Kanzi shares some of the background and inspirations behind her jewelry brand. Human connection, growth, collaboration and the symbolism of the spyral are the elements of this interview.  

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Albert Font.

New York-based photographer Albert Font and singer and artist Saara Untracht-Oakner are a clear example of the magic of meeting artists throught internet and having the possibility to meet and exchange a common wish to express yourself through art in difficult times.

Ferran Palau.

Presenting Flora-Caic, the new music video-shortfilm of the Catalan pop-folk singer Ferran Palau directed by Pablo Maestres. Sensitivity, cinematography and mistery all in one. Introducing the "Special program of Ferran Palau" of Primavera Sound.

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Lewis Cooke.

We chat to dancer, teacher and content creator Lewis Cooke. Movement methodology RelaxtoErupt, his life as a dancer and teacher and how he has developed a series called ‘Movement is Medicine’.

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Vinca Petersen.

The magic and the real essence of the Rave Scene, the need of having joy in our life and using art as medicine is what Vinca Petersen shares with us with this interview and her photography. 

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Talitha Wing.

London-based actress and writer Talitha Wing, opens her purest and honest vision about being a woman of colour in a racist society sharing with us her experience and poetry.

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Mònica Pallí.

Barcelona-based photographer Mònica Pallí sent us a message reflecting her essence and connection with photography.


"476 GRAMS" is Zinteta's new artivist project. She shows with honesty, freedom and strenght a recognition of the fat phobic society we live in. Zinteta's liberating art is a way of accepting who we really are. 

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Arnald Cano.

Photographer Arnald Cano from Barcelona and actress Katrin Vankova meet to create together and exchange their own thoughts about real happiness.

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Pau Aulí. 

Introspective conversation with designer, artist and experimental art director Pau Aulí. His vision about the profession and his influences and inspirations.

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Earl Cave.

Interview to London-based actor Earl Cave.

A nice vibe talk about acting, music, fashion and his influences. 

Phillip Kaminiak.

Berlin and Mexico City-based filmmaker Phillip Kaminiak, directs and films CASS&LEX, a visual poem that tells the story about the beauty and horror of love. 


Barcelona-based artist "ferr-w" shows us the possibility of creating dimensions and different inner people's worlds through digital painting.

Gina Baldé.

BISSAU 2050, a collection that represents Gina Baldé's African roots, expresses liberty, breaks stereotypes and gives voice to women power. 

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Roots, humanity, nature and electronic beats are the main ingredients of La Guajira, the new EP of TIXIS, music artist based in Barcelona. We talk about his creations, inspirations and how he converts an image memory into a song. 

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DUTY - Premiere.

Mistery, sensuality and nostalgia. Presenting the new collaboration of EL FILM MAGAZINE with the new lyric video of DUTY by The Death of Robert. A visual journey to our hidden dark places in a delicate and sensual way.

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Ana Popescu.

Visual artist and illustrator Ana Popescu shares with us her work and where does it come from. Discover her sensitivity and simplicity in transmiting such an amazing vibe with her illustrations.

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Always transient, always becoming.

We invite you to discover the ephemeral experience of listening to Barcelona-based band WESPHERE. Introducing their latest project "Bones in the Waters", director Hector Prats and new label Amen Discos.

Antonella Tignanelli.

Food conceptualist, photographer and traveller Antonella Tignanelli shares with us her process of discovering her passion, meaningful journeys and the greatness of bread in times of distress.

NOVA VICE x el film.

New electronic mixtape made by NOVA VICE for launching our new YouTube channel and celebrating our magazine. Good beat for all of you accompanied by a video art and dancers.

Gina Baldé.

"The fight against racism must be constant in all areas of your life and with all the people with whom you interact. Otherwise, it makes no sense". 

Henar Bengale.

Luna Nueva, Henar Bengale's latest project, is a recovery of an artistic and galactic meeting between her and actress Katrin Vankova, two years ago, during a New Moon night like tonight.

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Nicolas Jaar.

New album released CENIZAS explores an introspective look at our own depths through an artistic musical meditation.

The Death of Robert.

Interview to the new retro-vintage sound band from Barcelona, The Death of Robert. Beginnings, inspirations, desires, struggles, joy and music.

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Sol dela Villa.

Warmth, elegance, quality and a bit of story. Sol dela Villa expresses the meaning of roots, nature, food and the value of handcrafted clothes through unique designs.

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Rainy Picnic.

The hand stamped clothing brand which breaks with the idealization of our lives, helping collect funds for COVID-19 medical research.

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Tarta Relena.

Magic, history and female strength in two voices. New "Intercede Pro Nobis" EP release.

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Rosa Tharrats.

Multidisciplinary artist Rosa Tharrats gives us a different perspective of expressing freedom and changes our visions by using and combining all kind of materials.


Ignasi Àvila.

Ignasi Àvila is a young digital artist, content creator, cinematographer and photographer, although the best way to understand who he is nowadays is by picking up your phone and looking up any of the Instagram accounts he's currently running. 

Miren Oller.

Miren Oller is a prolific set designer and art director based in Berlin. We chat about the experimentation of her work in different artforms, the significance of our daily experiences in order to feed our creations and if pinterest is really all the rage.

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The Animals Observatory.

Interview with Laia Aguilar, creator of one of the coolest clothes brand for kids, The Animals Observatory. We talk about listening to them, about freedom, gender and prejudices. The brand that every parent wants for their children.

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Electronic vibe, shoegaze, loops and synthesizer. Releasing of their new shortfilm THE WIND PALACE. Making the music you like. Not being trandy. Trip, saudade, darkness and playing on the moon's surface. Meet AGOST.

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Pol Batlle.

Interview with Pol Batlle. Known for his spiritual and explosive performances, and for singing and playing guitar in the band Ljubliana & The Seawolf for years. Now he takes a new path, a new persona and we introduce his new single, Colmena. 

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Artist Clàudia Torrents from Barcelona talks us through the process of moulding jewelry and graphic arts into one, her inspirations and which pieces of jewelry look good on anyone.

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Turning Orange.

We had a chat with illustrator and actor from London, Tessie Orange-Turner, about her journey as an artist, what inspires her, the power of women in art and what she would love to see more in the world. 

Chalamet in art.

The unique and genius Instagram account @chalametinart shows us how Timothée Chalamet's face would look like into classical paintings. A real visual pleasure for you.

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Evanna Lynch.

Interview to actress and activist Evanna Lynch. Deep, honest and inspiring conversation about veganism, how to do activism, human consciousness, influences and expression sources. 

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The Bird Yellow.

Cool interview with folk and alternative singer from Barcelona, The Bird Yellow. Music, cinema, creating and enjoying what you do. 

Maria Jou Sol.

BLANCO is  an intimate photography look into the final trajectory of Barcelona-based photographer Maria Jou Sol's grandmother. Delicate captures of life, love and peace. 

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Lluís Tudela. 

Through an SMS that his essence would send us, we can discover a little bit more the art of Barcelona-based photographer Lluís Tudela.

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Sylvia Baldeva.

Reflection of the inspirations of French-Bulgarian artist and illustrator Sylvia Baldeva. Her professional career and a different way of expressing human's soul through paint. 

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